Hello! I am Paolo Amantini. I am a student of data analytics. I often focus on environmental issues, but I love statistics in general. Another great passion of mine is data visualization. I am also a motorcycle nut.

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Does Practicing sport make you happier?

In this article, I investigated the relationship between happiness and sports practice in various nations using ESS round 8.

Paolo Amantini

This article was published By spsTREND

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These are just some of the projects I did during my studies.

US Congress bills about the environment

In this project, I used the API of propublica to access U.S. Congressional environmental bills from the past 30 years.

Attitudes toward gender role

In this small project I used  2012 ISSP data to investigate the attitudes toward gender role over different European countries.

Trump tweets

This project was for my first exam, Choosing graph colors was still not my jam XD!

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